Hey, do you guys have any plans for another gif Q&A session?

We should be back on this Saturday. 

Okay, I’m making this post because things have kind of gotten out of hand. We share a lot with you guys and we don’t mind you asking us questions ooc, but there is a line that we have to draw. No one is entitled to information about us or our personal lives. This especially means Con’s gender and how he presents. Stop asking about it. It makes him uncomfortable and we’re only going to delete the ask. Con is not your resource of information. Google is really easy to use. That being said, if you have questions for him and you aren’t rude you can always go ask him things on his personal. That is not a guarantee that he will answer you, but this is a destiel ask blog. Everything you need to know about us ooc is in our faq. 

ooc: what do u study? and can un post some photo of mermaid!lottie and the robot painting on her neck?

Well, I’m not currently in school right now, and I think Con is changing his major atm. But here is robo!cas and mermaid!cas for you. I don’t have any with the tail on where it’s just me, sorry. Most of that au is here.

I’m sorry guys, but we can’t be on tonight. Con is busy helping out with making food for Easter. 

Okay guys, so I’m not sure if it worked or not since this is my first time using paypal but I did set up a donate button on the blog. I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to use it, we both are not in dire need money. I feel kind of conflicted about putting it up as it is, but it’s not as if either of us is doing super well in the financial area either. So, anything would really be appreciated, but it’s not required. It’s really just there just in case some millionaire falls in love with the both of us.   

We’ve officially reached 3000 followers! Thank you so much, you guys! This also means that the poll is now closed. The winner was Punk AU so we will be doing that in the next couple of weeks. Thank you guys again so much. We love doing this blog for all of you and we really appreciate your support. 

Do you have any twitter o facebook acount? (con you make my gay show)

We both have neither but there are links to our personals on our sidebar. 

Have you guys ever been to a spn con?

No, we’re both much too broke for that unfortunately. 

Hi lottie and con. I am so sorry for my ignorance and I'm kinda embarrassed but: What are your genders? I know lotties a girl but con! Your confusing me. ;) Love you.


Where did Lottie get her trench coat? It looks so much like Castiel's, I definitely need one :)

That is actually my second Castiel coat (we used the first one to make a purgatory cas cosplay) but we found both at a resale shop we live by. Usually those places sell a bunch of different trench coats in the winter seasons and we just pick through various ones till we find one that fits. 

Con and Lottie, I just love the facial expressions you guys make. Like Lottie has all these great, cute Cas faces and Con plays up Dean so well just UGH! You guys are great cosplayers, honestly! Thanks for making this blog! :)

Ahh thank you so much! I’ll be honest, sometimes we get really insecure about how we play Dean and Cas so messages like these are nice. 

Omg Lottie you have a beautiful jaw line

(sorry this is being answered so late) Unfortunately the jaw line I have as Cas is not my natural jawline. Con has to help me out with some makeup for that. I actually have a soft baby face. 

A cute peck on the lips for us? :3

(we’re not so good at those)

(If you don't want to answer that's fine) who's bottom?


"We get this quite often. I want to reiterate, we both do."

"They don’t need to know who’s dick goes where, when, Cas."

Since Cas is neither male of female does that make you Pansexual and no bi? Just wondering

"My gender wouldn’t change what Dean identifies as."